Substance Eucalyptus Summer Body Spray 4oz/120ml

Substance Eucalyptus Summer Body Spray 4oz/120ml

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A customer favourite since 1997, now in an easy-to-use light moisturizing spray. The refreshing aroma—naturally derived from plant sources and essential oils—lasts up to two hours and can safely be reapplied throughout the day.*


  • All natural, non-toxic, safe for kids and pets*
  • Long lasting, its herbal and essential oil blend naturally repels mosquitoes and black flies through its scent.*
  • Long lasting, lasts up to two hours, and can safely be re-applied throughout the day.*
  • Safe for daily use*
  • Neem’s active component called Azadirachin is known for repelling and killing insects*
  • Eucalyptus is believed to confuse mosquitoes’ delicate sense of direction and taste, making it difficult for them to find a host.*