Squishable Mini Pink Kitty

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Kittens and the internet: they go together like peanut butter and jelly! Need a picture for a LOL caption? Try a Kitten! Need a furry friend to photograph in silly hats? Might I suggest a Kitten! Something stuck in a hamster ball? Kitten!

And keep in mind, this is an animal with a complete lack of technical savvy (unless you count that mobile app that helps them track that darn laser dot on the wall).

Why does the web need a cuddly friend so badly? We have a theory. Compare those square, sharp-cornered pixels on your rectangular screen to the gentle roundness of a little Kitty nestling into your lap! Contrast the cold metal of the wires deep within your smartphone to the comforting fuzziness of a cat’s soft fur! Truly, Kittens are the yin to the cyber-yang, the balance that keeps the virtual world together!

Like her slightly bigger sister the Squishable Pink Kitty, this more mobile platform also balances the austere grays, whites and blacks of your Internet-enabled devices with a light-hearted pink. Hug that Mini Pink Kitty as if the whole of the internet depends on it! Which it does!

7 cuddly inches of cyber symmetry, poly fill, ages 3 and up!