Squishable Mini Pastel Dragon Limited

Squishable Mini Pastel Dragon Limited

  • $19.00

Dragons are so hot right now...except for this one!

The Pastel Dragon is one cool cryptid, with colors that say, yeah sure, I'm an amazing dragon, no need to shout about it.

Why, just look at those cool understated color tones - they're more laid back than an avalanche of ice cubes! P

icture Pastel Dragon relaxing après-ski with some hot chocolate, chatting up an ambassador!

Imagine him in a mid-80s cop show, cruising down the boulevard in an Italian sports car without as much as a ruffled crease!

Then, picture this cool customer right on your cool couch, bein' cuddly...and cool!

7 squishy inches of dragon du jour! All new polyester fiber, ages 3 and up only!