Simply Bright Starts Clutch & Hold Wood Toy

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The Clutch & Hold Wood Toy™ from the Simply Bright Starts™ collection is a stylishly modern toy offering a natural wood ring and other materials that encourage fine motor skills and clutching activities. The natural wood ring feels good in baby’s hand while the soft fabrics add another element of exploration and engagement for baby. The textures and pleasant rattling sound of the wooden toy keeps baby’s senses engaged. These clutch toy characters are specially designed with safe materials and natural wood that is easy to grasp. The modern woodland creatures were designed exclusively for the Bright Starts™ Simply Bright Starts™ collection to provide baby a safe and more natural play experience. Characters are BPA-free, each sold separately. Recommended for ages 3 months and up.

Textured materials offer an engaging tactile experience
Features a safe, non-splintering smooth wood ring that is easy for baby to grasp
Engaging clutch toy that encourages fine motor skills
Pleasant rattle sound inside to engage baby