Purple Frog Snooze Button Patches - Lavender/Chamomile 12ct

  • $9.99

Snooze Button is a safe and easy to use alternative to messy chemical sprays and lotions at home, outdoors, when traveling and even while you sleep.

Combines the wellness power of aromatherapy with the versatility of a stick anywhere, anytime patch. The unique blend of all-natural, organic plant oils in each patch release a stimulating aroma specifically designed to relax your mind while freshening your ambient living space, naturally.

Snooze Button is a convenient alternative to cumbersome essential oil diffusers as well as a safe, chemical free substitute for potentially harmful synthetic air fresheners and odor masking agents.

  • Lavender and Chamomile
  • Aromatherapeutic Tranquility Patches
  • containing 100% plant oils 

12 patches