Munchbox - Munchi Snack - Cherry Vanilla

  • $33.00

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Indulge your senses with Cherry Vanilla! Featuring a splash of cherry with its gorgeous red case and a hint of vanilla with complimenting white latch! 



  • Dishwasher safe (top shelf)*
  • Holds over two cups of food
  • Eco-friendly, BPA & Phthalate-free
  • Child-friendly single latch
  • Two removable, interchangeable trays (Two and three compartment trays included)
  • Portion controlled for balanced nutrition
  • Encourages healthy eating
  • Same depth as larger lunchboxes in Munchbox range
  • Combines with Munchbox system to provide meals for full school day
  • 16x11x6cm

Munchi Snack is perfect for packing snack-sized meals with lots of variety! The baby of the Munchbox family, Munchi is the smallest of the range with a capacity of over 2 cups, yet still features the same generous depth of our larger lunchboxes - our customers love being able to pack crackers standing up!

Munchi offers ultimate flexibility with TWO portioned, removable trays, allowing you to switch between two or three compartments. Providing your child with a variety of healthy snacks throughout the day has never been easier!