Bright Starts - Explore and Cuddle Elephant

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Explore & Cuddle Elephant

Fun Comes First!™ This cuddly pal from Bright Starts is the perfect companion for baby's play time. It’s thoughtfully designed for the tiniest hands to explore, with extra-soft materials and a range of fascinating textures. This little guy features 6 different activities, including a chime, mirror, peek-a-boo ear flap, rattle ball, and teething rings. The toy’s segmented design makes it especially easy for baby to grasp.

• Segmented body is easy for baby to grasp
• Soft materials are great for cuddling
• 6 activities include: chime inside, mirror, peek-a-boo ear, rattle ball, clacking rings, and crinkle sound
• Suitable for ages 3 months+